AS-142 Z CNC Knurling machine for thermal break aluminum profiles

AS-142 Z
CNC Knurling machine for thermal break aluminum profiles

General features

  • Highly resistant steel cutters.
  • Cutter adjustment by brushless motors.
  • Non-abrasive rollers that support even non-straight aluminum extrusion profiles.
  • Automatic photocell system that manages the feeding bar speed.
  • Max bar speed feed of 230m/min.
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The steel cutters of this CNC knurling machine for aluminum profile joints with thermal break are highly wear-resistant and come in many shapes and sizes to meet all cutting needs. You can adjust the width of the cut by moving the mobile head from side to side, and independently adjust the upper and lower heads, using brushless motors. The cutter working position can be changed by tilting the heads +/- 10°. Quick-change rollers made of a material that does not irritate the aluminum extrusion profile being processed support the guide system. This structural flexibility allows the rollers to support non-straight profiles as well.

Spec sheet

  • Three-phase motors.
  • Automatic photocell system to speed up slow and down the aluminum bar’s movement.
  • A safety device that prevents overloading mechanical parts.
  • Operating pressure: 7 Bars.
  • Bar feed speed:  30 m/min to a maximum of 230 m/min.
  • Knurling cutter’s diameter: 80 mm.
  • Cutter tilt angle: +/-10°.
  • Transversal and vertical cutter adjustment by means of brushless motors.
  • Machine’s dimensions (Height X Length X Width): 950 mm x 1257 mm x 1843 mm.
Standard equipment includes:
  • A PLC touch screen display
  • Polymer roller kit for aluminum extrusion profile support
  • Pair of knurling cutters
  • Installation, operation and maintenance manual
  • Service spanners
Accessories supplied upon request include:
  • Special polymer roller kit
  • Special knurling cutters
  • Side aluminum profile support
  • Lower knurling kit, 90° knurling and adjustable roller


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