AS-242I Manual Polyamide Strips Insertion Machine

Manual Polyamide Strips Insertion Machine

General features

  • Machine for the automatic insertion of polyamide strips specialized for aluminum profiles with thermal breakage.
  • Increases productivity by 50% compared to the manual process.
  • Two motorized rotors to prevent strips’ stacking.
  • Push-button control to stop the aluminum profiles.
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This is a device for inserting plastic strips into the grooves of aluminum profiles. The insertion process is automated, and the two motorized rotors ensure that the strips do not stack on top of each other. The customized bar guide devices guarantee a very quick insertion of the bars, which is done by inserting the strip at the end of the aluminum profile. Automation reduces the insertion time by a third compared to the manual insertion process. This leads to a significant increase in productivity.

Spec sheet

  • Two motors of 0.75 kW/400 V/50 Hz
  • Operating pressure: 7 bars
  • Forward speed of the polyamide strip: 100 m/min<
  • Bar guide stroke:
    • transversal 7-256 mm
    • vertical 0,5 - 140 mm
  • Automatic expulsion of polyamide strips’ ends
  • Push-button control for aluminum bars stop
  • Transversal and vertical adjustment of the bar guide by controlled devices, each equipped with a decimal positioner
  • Machine overall dimensions (Height x Length x Width): 1020 mm x 825 mm x 1400 mm
  • Machine weight: 235 kg

Standard equipment includes:

  • Standard double rotors for inserting polyamide strips
  • Bar guide
  • Stop for the strips lining up at the end of the aluminum bar
  • Manual for installation, operation and maintenance
  • Service spanners

Accessories supplied upon request include:

  • Pair of special double rotors for inserting polyamide strips
  • Special heads for the bar guide
  • Kit for automatic cutting of coiled polyamide strips and holders


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