Productivity - 55 bars/hours


2 Knurling machine
5 Plastic bar inserting device
6 CNC assemling unit


1 Loading roller conveyor
3 Unloading roller conveyor
4 Loading roller conveyor
7 Unloading roller conveyor

Perfect set-up for start-up companies or for those who don’t have enough space in their factories!

55 Bars/hour

3 Operators


The three main benefits of this layout are:

Small footprint

Due to an optimized internal production flow, enhanced knurling, insertion and crimping processes, and reduced waste emission, this layout is designed to be installed in confined areas.

Low cost

Production processes are optimized, which ensures low costs as well as reduced risk of damages. The inexpensive machines and manual conveyors of layout 40 maximize efficiency, reducing manual labor and handling costs.

Easy to use

Direct your production process with a smart and simple layout of your machines. Layout 40 ensures quick start-up of thermal break assembly machines due to their ease of use. The operator staff, trained or not, can easily handle the equipment.


Layout 40 consists of three machines, each handling one of the three thermal break assembly processes: knurling, polyamide strip insertion and rolling (or crimping). This arrangement offers a productivity of 55 bars of aluminum per hour, maintaining the same profile, without any changes.
To assemble a thermal break aluminum profile, three operators are required, one for each step, and sometimes operating together.
  • Knurling using an aluminum profile knurling machine
  • Polyamide strips insertion using an assembly machine for aluminum profiles with polyamide strips.
  • Rolling (or crimping) using a crimping machine to tighten the grooves of the aluminum profile on the polyamide strips.
Layout 40 is the simplest, most compact and affordable layout. At Starlight, it is the most popular solution for start-up companies. Why? Because it includes easy knurling adjustments for large extrusion knurls, the possibility of knurling large format extrusions, quick and easy insertion of the polyamide strip and aluminum profile guidance during crimping for exceptional stability.


1 – Knurling machine for aluminum extrusions

Easy knurling adjustments, knurling narrow or wide extrusion. 

The first step, knurling, is performed by a knurling machine for aluminum profiles. In this layout, you can use the manual knurling machine (AS-140-Z) or the CNC knurling machine (AS-142-Z).

The operator puts the extrusion in the knurling machine and after that, the knurling machine brings the finished extrusion into the next station.

A system of guide rollers supports profiles that are not straight, ensuring high knurling precision.

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Knurling machine for aluminum extrusions
Thermal break insertion machine

2 – Thermal break insertion machine

The second step, insertion, is performed by a thermal break insertion machine. In this layout, you can use the manual insertion machine (AS-242I) or the CNC insertion machine (AS-244I).

The thermal break insertion machine is used to insert polyamide strips into the grooves of aluminum profiles. Four motorized rotors prevent the polyamide strips from stacking during insertion.

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3 – Crimping machine for polyamide strips

Profile guidance during crimping for higher stability.

The third step, crimping, is performed by an aluminum profile crimping machine. In this layout, you can use the manual crimping machine (AS221GA) or the CNC crimping one (AS260GA or AS262GA), which enables profile switching within 20 seconds.

This is the most important step in the production of aluminum profiles with thermal break, as it guarantees the quality of the final product. During this final step, the aluminum extrusions and the polyamide strips are firmly crimped to avoid any subsequent shearing.

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Thermal break crimping machine
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OEMME S.p.A. has been manufacturing punches and machines for working and assembling light alloy systems since 1978. The company offers the complete array of machines required for thermal break profile assembly guaranteeing very high quality standards and reliability.

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